We need to nurture relationships to enhance happiness and feeling good.

Many aspects of our life become empty when we lose an intimate partner and we are left alone. Life as a single person can be frustrating (but we can find meaning in it.). A good worthwhile relationship is more than not living a solitary life.

Part of our emotional stability is to learn how to build healthy relationships and share life with others. We search for loving relationships, and for some, it seems almost impossible to find them. Fulfilling relationships need investment of emotions, time and energy. Fortunately, the social aspects of us help to create long-lasting fruitful connections between human beings.

Abundant relationships start when two people are powerfully drawn to each other and are willing to tolerate and take what the other person brings. To develop stable relationships might be difficult but it is possible and worthwhile. To maintain abiding relationships in which both partners equally contribute and find a balance is not an easy task. Our own emotional awareness, and understanding of our own needs and desires, are necessary keys to creating and keeping closeness with another person.

If you want to feel good you need to be in a healthy relationship. Check the signs of abundant intimacy:

•  Equality in relationship can be seen as the same numbers of an equation

•  Both partners feel a harmonious adult connection

•  Once established relationship both partners look for improvement and better for both

•  Partners comfortably express their genuine feelings and communicate their thoughts

•  Any changes partners make to maintain relationship are beneficial for themselves as individuals

•  Relationship gives respect and nurturing to both partners

•  When the bad things occur partners stay positive, understand, communicate and listen

•  Partners are willing to forgive and contribute to not repeating mistakes

•  Optimism in relationship is not false promise or quick fix; rather it is persistent, patient and empathic 

•  Couple is guided by long-term goals and create emotional safety for each partner

•  Both partners agree on the level of independence and closeness

We all relate to each other differently. Some people prefer independent relationships and others are dependent. Someone might be co-dependent and put aside their own well-being. Nobody can find happiness and feeling good when neglecting their own needs. If one of the partners is too needy or requires unequal independence, it is not a balanced relationship. The healthiest relationships we can create are when two people, both emotionally balanced individuals, are involved with each other without sacrificing themselves, and not compromising their own values.