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Emotional Vampires

Emotional VamiresHow do you recognize difficult people?

If you want to feel good and happy you have to recognize difficult people. 

Those are challenging people stealing pleasure and happiness from others.

In slang we call them “emotional vampires” because they suck joy and optimism. They are disturbing people who make lives of others miserable and relationships with them are the most challenging.

Whatever you do and say according to them it is not alright. You try your best, try different ways, do new things, but it’s never right or enough for them. They leave you  exhausted, puzzled, guilty, angry or sad. There are typical characteristics these demanding people share.



Girl Talk - FriendshipIf we want to be happy and feel good we must understand friendships.

Friendships are vital for well-being. With a true friend we can be authentic and relaxed. We chose friends because we like each other for who we are. Friends are people we can be sincere with, who sympathize with our success and who involve their wisdom to help us. There are many definitions of a friend. Philosophers and writers always emphasize wisdom and altruism of friendship. As Aristotle said friendship can only arise indirectly, like happiness. It comes with living what we calla good life that includes personal values such as honesty, character and passion. 



Partners - FamilyWe need to nurture relationships to enhance happiness and feeling good.

Many aspects of our life become empty when we lose an intimate partner and we are left alone. Life as a single person can be frustrating (but we can find meaning in it.). A good worthwhile relationship is more than not living a solitary life.

Part of our emotional stability is to learn how to build healthy relationships and share life with others. We search for loving relationships, and for some it seems almost impossible to find them. Fulfilling relationships need investment of emotions, time and energy.  Fortunately, the social aspects of us help to create long-lasting fruitful connections between human beings.     More...