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Psychological Health

Psychological health has some characteristics and  we can use self-awareness to know if we are emotionally and mentally doing well. 

Characteristics of psychological health:
• Presence of optimism, positive self-perception, constructive characteristics and abilities to cope with everyday life without compromising mental, emotional and social well-being 
• Likewise physical health it is regularly maintained
• Ability to regain  emotional and mental balance after distress 
• Presence of flexibility in thinking, feeling good about life, emotional resilience, healthy self-esteem and behaviour beneficial to wellbeing
• Resistance to distress and ability to facilitate changes and choices to sustain health
• Balanced brain biochemistry to maintain  wellbeing
• Flexible personality, optimistic attitude, psychological nourishment, satisfactory social life and  physical health

What Factors Weaken Psychological Health?

• Lack of support from relationships 
• Abuse, negligence, violence
• Severe and prolonged stress
• Major and unexpected changes in life (trauma, financial loss, serious illness, death or end of significant relationship)
• Chemical imbalance in brain caused by medication, drag abuse, nutrition, pollution
• Genetically affected tendencies to make unhealthy choices

Psychological flexibility, mental and emotional wellness is not ignoring the challenges but the ability to accept and cope with psychological distress without further damage.

Traits of Psychologically Healthy People:

• Ownership of health - knowing and acceptance of feelings, conscious activation of optimism and positive emotions, mental training, flexible and open mind 
• Ability to be authentic with self and courageous to face own psychological weaknesses
• Learning from own mistakes and mistakes of others, having the strength to stand up after the falls
• Courage to face and find meaning in a crisis and build resistance to further distress and regain balance
• Asking for help when needed and sharing with others

Thoughts to Know Better Your Psychological Health

• Everyday I make time for laughter, relaxation and fun 
• I always get emotional support I need
• I regularly take care of my psychological health and my body